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A Doctor’s View of CrossFit and of course my opinion

As a fitness coach I get asked about CrossFit a fair amount.  Personally I wouldn’t do it. For me the risk of injury, both immediate and repetitive movement injuries over time are not worth the outcome.  These injuries can happen even if you perform the…

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Keep it simple, keep weight off.

Research Review: By Helen Kollias Obesity rates are skyrocketing. Yet there are more diet programs than ever. For instance, lists things like: The Chocolate Diet: This is basically a low-calorie diet, which puzzlingly includes several daily servings of popcorn, and you get up to…

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(* Edit January 30th 2015 – In response to my use of profanity. Yes, I swear in here. Yes, I meant to. Yes, I know more words than curse words. Like Quentin Tarantino uses profanity for dramatic effect, so do I. If I were writing…

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Exercise and Be Happy!

Written by Kathy Kaehler MAY 15, 2015  “You are one workout away from a good mood!” As a personal trainer, I use this phrase on a regular basis with my clients because it’s true: exercise changes the brain…in a good way. There are reasons why…

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What’s stopping you from getting in shape?

Here, eight answers to that question 35 lessons from Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. How they took the first step, lost the weight, and kept it off. By Lee Helland You wish you felt better, radiated good health, and maybe even weighed a little less….

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Should You Take Probiotics?

© Getty Images The Evidence In Favor Of Taking Probiotics Isn’t Nearly As Strong As You’d Think K. Aleisha Fetters Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter 900 SHARES “There’s limited research to back up that eating these foods will help with fighting the infections and…

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