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Scientifically Speaking: A ‘Vision’ of Good Nutrition

Written by Nick Peterson September 16, 2014  Think about the value of your eyesight and how much you depend on your vision each and every day. It’s hard to understand the importance of supporting your eye health if you’re younger or have never experienced any…

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Should I Stretch….. Or Not???

by Adam Fisher Flexibility is a common health marker in many fitness settings. Yoga, with its endless stretching and breathing routines, carries a certain glory with it — although seeing some guy or girl tying him or herself into a pretzel makes my head hurt….

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Carbohydrate tolerance:

Is your ability to eat carbs determined by your genes? By Helen Kollias Ever wonder why some people can eat bushels of bananas without gaining a pound, but you seem to gain weight by just looking at a potato? Maybe it’s your genes. But just because…

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The Science Behind Weight Loss

Written by Misty Dangel September 8, 2014  Editor’s Note: Dr. Susan Kleiner has been studying weight loss, muscle gain, and sports performance for most of her illustrious career. It’s a complicated process—so we asked her to simplify it for the rest of us. If you…

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USANA Reset journey. I was terrified.

Another check-in with Morgan and the Reset Journey. Today was my first weigh in since beginning my USANA Reset journey. I was terrified. Let’s rewind… What is Reset? USANA Reset is a weight loss/ healthy living program designed to “reset” your body and your mindset,…

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Knowing What to Eat, Refusing to Swallow It

David L. Katz, MD, MPH Perhaps the most memorably quotable of Michael Pollan’s many quotable aphorisms graced the pages of the New York Times Magazine over 7 years ago: eat food; not too much; mostly plants. Brilliantly simple, if rather vague, this was a fundamentally…

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