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4 Tips For Dealing with Neck Pain

Zack Zeigler August 5, 2014 A pain in the neck makes everyday tasks like exercising and doing the Dougie a torturous chore. And because even the slightest neck twist, tug, tweak, or twerk can translate into severe agony, it pays to learn common causes of neck…

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Exercise when you’re sick?

There is some great information here that everyone should read. My Opinion.  You should stay away from fitness facilities if you’re sick. No one else is impressed by you working out even though your sick.  Your obsession with the gym is sad.  Sure get some light exercise…

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Meet the 7 Registered Dietitians Campaigning Against the Proposed National Soda Tax

TUESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2014. Yoni Freedhoff So the other day saw New Haven congresswoman Rosa DeLauro introduce a national soda tax bill in the US House of Representatives.The SWEET Act, if passed, would see every teaspoon of added sugar in a beverage you purchase cost…

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Scientists Blow The Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth

I don’t think Sunbathing is the answer or at least not for long periods of time.  I do however agree with sun exposure for health and I never wear sunscreen unless I’m going to be exposed for long periods with no opportunity to be in…

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By Derek Henry (Natural News)  Good quality sources of protein are widely available, and many of them come from outside the animal kingdom. It’s time to identify the top sources of highly digestible plant protein with the most benefits for your health. 1. Spirulina & Chlorella…

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