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Vitamins and Athletes

Contributed by Mark DeCotis The issue of the value of  vitamins and supplements for athletes can be confounding and confusing, to say the least. John Cuomo, Ph.D., the executive director of Research and Development at USANA Health Sciences addresses the most common questions on the subject.  …

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Top tips for beauty from the inside out

September 16, 2013, 11:36 am Dr Libby Weaver Yahoo! New Zealand With the launch of Dr Libby’s new book ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’, she explains beauty in a way you may never have considered it before. Here she shares her top five beauty tips. 1….

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Canning Tomatoes from the Garden

I received these tomatoes plants from my mother in law who passed just earlier this year.  She had gotten the tomatoes from an old Italian gardener and saved some seeds.  She germinated them and after she passed my father and law gave me the plants….

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The at-home test for gluten sensitivity

by BRYAN WALSH   Everywhere you look, there’s a ton of discussion about gluten and gluten sensitivity.  In fact, PN’s very own Ryan Andrews wrote a great article – All About Gluten – just a few weeks back. But is gluten sensitivity really something you need to be concerned with? …

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All About Gluten

by RYAN ANDREWS Also see tomorrows post about an at home test for gluten sensitivity. What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in some grains, especially wheat. Technically, “gluten” is a term applied specifically to the combination of the prolamin proteins called gliadins and the…

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Ways to make fall fitness fun – Get Motivated and Inspired

Enjoy the Article Below and Come check out some of my Group Fitness Sessions or Small Group Personal Training at World Gym in Kelowna BC Canada, Kal Fitness in Vernon BC or Beasley Centre in The District of Lake Country BC. World Gym Kelowna Kal Fitness…

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