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The Unhealthy Fitness Industry

Sydney Strength & Conditioning  Fitness experts (I am not sure what those two words combined actually mean) have been criticising medical professionals for some time now, lecturing on the benefits of a solid nutrition and fitness base as the only way to health, and perhaps…

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Ooooh This makes my blood boil

  (Not the Onion) Canadian Government Teaming Up with Doughnut Giant Tim Horton’s To Fight Diabetes   Who better to team up with than a national doughnut chain to tackle the increasingly pressing issue of diabetes prevention among Canada’s First Nations’ youth? The announcement, made…

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Obi Obadike’s 5 Tips for Losing Fat

MISTY DANGEL    You’ve seen Obi Obadike on the covers of countless fitness magazines, you’ve read his motivational posts on Twitter, and you’ve watched him in a popular sports drink commercial. You may have even seen this 6-foot-2-inch, 200-pound muscle machine on a trophy, read his fat loss eBook, or…

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9 Health Tips from LPI Diet & Optimum Health Conference

CAMILLE FLETCHER   In my time at USANA, I have come to love “nerding out” on the latest science about nutrition. So, I jumped at the chance to attend the Linus Pauling Institute’s Diet and Optimum Health Conference in the beautiful town of Corvallis, Ore….

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Saving the Honey Bee – You can help.

By Todd Woody, Huffington Post   Our honey bees are dying. And collapse of the $30 billion honey bee economy in the US is looming. U.S. bee keepers lost a shocking 31% of their hives this winter, as they have for the past seven years…

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Maternal diet during pregnancy influences childhood bone health

At a GlanceA new study shows that children born to mothers who get more vitamins from their diets during early pregnancy develop stronger and healthier bones later on in childhood.Read more about this research below. Maternal diet during pregnancy has been suggested to influence bone…

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