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Motivation secret #2: Quit tomorrow

By Craig Weller If you’re struggling with your fitness goals, feel free to quit. Just do it tomorrow. In Part 1, Coach Craig Weller talked about the importance of finding your “deep reason” when things get tough. In Part 2 of this series on how to…

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What are your 4 pounds made of?

by RYAN ANDREWS I don’t know what you had for lunch today, but I had 18 apples. What do you think of that? You probably think I’m a glutton and have the GI tract of a gorilla. But check this – a typical fast food value…

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Motivation secret #1: Find your deepest reason

by Craig Weller Ask yourself one question today: Why am I doing this? OK, two questions: Why am I really doing this? In this post – the first in a series about motivation – Coach Craig Weller shows us how finding your “deep reason” creates the will to…

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3 Free Health Webinars in May

Dr. Ladd McNamara on three very powerful product webinars in May. Feel free to forward this email to everybody you know. (Listed times are Pacific time) Wednesday, May 8th Title: “Women’s Health Issues & Nutritional Supplementation” Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM…

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Can Large-Scale Environmental Devastation Really Be Reversed?

  By Dr. Mercola Throughout centuries of farming, animal grazing and deforestation, the earth’s natural resources have been exhausted. Deserts are encroaching into previous lush areas and water is becoming alarmingly scarce. Our soil is depleting 13% faster than it can be replaced, and we’ve…

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