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Great News – Consumer Labs Approve more USANA Products

Great news! USANA’s Essentials™, Body Rox™ and Usanimals™ have earned‘s seal of approval:

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How to Meditate ( Without the *!@#$%)

Meditation has a host of health benefits–from lowering blood pressure and inflammation, to improving neurogenesis and gray matter development.So how do you meditate? Do you have to say “omm,” visit a monastery, or levitate? Nah, just follow these simple steps.   HOW TO MEDITATE: BEGINNING…

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Prenatal Nutrition Tips for Your Future Family

  EMILY ALANIZ Ladies, everyone knows nutrition is important (even if we don’t always make the healthiest decisions — never happens, right?). But when you become pregnant, everything changes. Suddenly, your choices don’t just affect your own health — they affect the health of your…

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DIY Weed Killer

 I’ll be trying this.  Anyone used this method before? Did it work for you?  DIY Weed Killer   Here is another weed killer option for you to make that will be safe for your environment and tough on weeds…   1 gallon of white vinegar…

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Splenda: Is it true what they say about it?

The Bitter Truth About Splenda Sayer Ji If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that…

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