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You’ll Gladly Die for Your Children; Why Won’t You Cook for Them?

By YONI FREEDHOFF   I’m a parent of three. I hold no illusions that I’m a uniquely dedicated parent or that my love for my kids is greater than anyone else’s. And like all parents, should the opportunity arise, I’d gladly, immediately and unquestioningly give my…

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Winner – Sense Skin and Body Care

  Nutrition For The Skin.  

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Feeding an Emotional Hunger

  Paula Goodyr   Life pangs: Avoiding distractions during meals is part of mindful eating.   It’s the message we hear over and over again: that sticking to a healthy weight boils down to eating the right food and exercising more. What we don’t hear…

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“Pregnancy, Pap Smears, Perimenopause, and More!

  “Pregnancy, Pap Smears, Perimenopause, and More! Women’s Health & Supplementation.” FREE WEBINAR Wednesday, April 24th Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PST Reserve your Webinar seat now at:      

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Ask The Scientists at

Hopefully, this will inspire you to you check out Ask the Scientists, which is an awesome database filled with some of the most frequently asked questions and answers related to USANA products, clinical research, and health in general. Not familiar with Ask the Scientists? Start by checking…

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What is Body Composition

Body composition refers to the lean tissue versus the fat tissue in the body. Lean tissue is composed of muscle, bone and organs. Fat tissue refers to three  categories of fat, essential fat, non-essential fat and storage fat. Essential and storage fat are necessary for…

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