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Splenda: Is it true what they say about it?

The Bitter Truth About Splenda Sayer Ji If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that…

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What a Day

What a day at the PT conference in Seattle. Dyanamic small group training followed by Kettle Bell Body Blast and Finished off with TRX/RIP Fusion workouts. Each one is 3 hours Long. I’m exhausted. what did you do today????

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Doctor Detective with Bryan Walsh

In this week’s case, Dr. Detective investigates why a healthy client is dealing with the symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia, and provides a simple prescription for maintaining stable blood sugar levels and cognitive function. Eat less and exercise more. It’s generally a great prescription for improving…

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Interval Training for Fat Loss

Fat loss is far more successful doing Interval training than steady state.  It takes less time and you can do it less often. Drop me a line in the comments below to find out more about HIIT or Tabata workouts and What I do to…

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Motivation secret #2: Quit tomorrow

By Craig Weller If you’re struggling with your fitness goals, feel free to quit. Just do it tomorrow. In Part 1, Coach Craig Weller talked about the importance of finding your “deep reason” when things get tough. In Part 2 of this series on how to…

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