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10 Things the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Nutrition experts argue that you can’t take marketing campaigns at face value They only produce this unhealthy food because we buy it.  Don’t buy it and they won’t make it.  No matter how much your kids want it. By ADAM VOILAND, ANGELA HAUPT   Bigger, juicier, saltier,…

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Prenatal Folic Acid – Autism in Children

Prenatal Folic Acid Supplement Intake and Risk of Autism in Children At a Glance A recent study involving over 85,000 children has shown a correlation between prenatal folic acid supplement intake, and a reduced risk of autism spectrum disorders in children.  Read more about this…

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Top 13 Tips to Prevent Cancer

By Dr. Mercola There’s a lot you can do to lower your chances of getting cancer — you and your family CAN take control of your health. Don’t wait for diagnosis, take the reins and be a proactive participant in your own health care, before…

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“Statins – Are YOU Taking These Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs?”

Click the link below. “Statins – Are YOU Taking These Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs?”.

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Less Bad is not the same thing as Good

An Absolute Must See.  We must detach ourselves from the food industry and factory food. Get back to our kitchens and creating healthy lifestyles.    

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Fact or Fiction: Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

NICK PETERSON The Truth About Breakfast   Fact or Fiction: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Our first topic is that tricky meal of the day we hear so much about: breakfast. For most people, getting in a solid lunch and dinner…

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