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How Viruses Work

Viruses are little germs that can have big impacts on your health. Informing yourself about how viruses work helps you understand part of what your immune system deals with daily.

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Don’t Forget to Eat Your Water

But did you know we can get up to 20 percent of our daily hydration from foods? Here are some of the best.

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What’s Stopping You from Improving Your Life?

They say they don’t have the time. Or the money. Or they’re too old… I disagree.

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Cauliflower Mashed ‘Potatoes’

It’s all about the texture in Art Smith’s healthy alternative to classic mashed potatoes. The secret? Greek yogurt and Parmesan

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Ageism Is Dangerous:

We are here to help you do it. Join us in the movement to be strong and well, to remain independent, and to enjoy life on your own terms.

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Myth: Raw Vegetables Are Always Better For You than Cooked Ones

The truth about raw vs. cooked vegetables is complicated. It depends on the specific vegetable, the nutrient in question, and your method of cooking.

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