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Eating Well? – It’s about variety and balance not elimination and avoidance.

  I get asked all the time about how I eat to stay healthy and fit and when I answer I get a barrage of I don’t eat gluten, dairy, carbs, fats, sugar, fruit, meat, vegetables, eggs bla bla bla.  I’m so tired of food…

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5 steps to get empowered in the new year

As a serial entrepreneur and transformational expert, author, motivational speaker and USANA spokeswoman, Jen Groover knows first-hand what it feels like to be knocked down and feel powerless. But with that knowledge, she has learned the mindset and skill sets needed to dig down deep and get…

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Hydroxycut – A Case Study in Scumbaggedness  Dr. Yoni Freedhoff Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season! This week is traditionally my blog-cation and so instead of writing new posts, I’m posting some favourites from back in 2009. And if that’s not a word yet, in…

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Is Weight loss a target for 2013?

Get rid of the calories you drink.  Drink Water Don’t weigh yourself unless you absolutely need to.  Live healthy and it will happen. Don’t diet. Make healthy lifetime changes you can live with. Give yourself lots of time and stay consistent Set realistic goals Change…

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Not jumping on the Resolution band wagon just yet?

  Well you’re not alone and if you haven’t had time to sit down and think about what you are going to make of 2013 then take some time and think, review and plan first and you’ll increase your chances of success. Start by reviewing…

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Struggle or Success in 2013

So what is it that keeps you struggling instead of enjoying success with your health, finances or maybe even both? Why do you repeat the same daily actions over and over again expecting different results? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there and still slip into that…

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