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5 Tips to Stop Singing the Sugar Blues

“Sugar turns on the aging programs in your body. The more sugar you eat, the faster you age.”

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Healthy Living Today:

We’ve been forcefully reminded that our wellbeing involves more than physical exercise. It also encompasses emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual health, among other aspects.

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Butter Bean, Cucumber & Radish Salad

Crunch and freshness are the order of the day with this zesty, healthy side salad with pulses and herbs. From BBC Good Food.

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Versatility of Suspension Trainers – Comparison

Join Project Body Smart for Small Group Training using the KO8 Suspension Trainer and the NT Loop at Global Fitness & Racquet Centre.

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Training Safe

So if and when you do go back, check to see if your choice of facility is following healthy cleaning and sanitizing guidelines.

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Jicama Salad with Shrimp

In Mexico, thinly-sliced jicama (pronounced HEE-kah-mah) sprinkled with fresh lime juice and salt, makes a quick, crisp, finger-food snack, and a great inspiration for this refreshing main dish salad.

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