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Improve your health and love life.

I have tickets available if you would like to attend. I only have a few so contact me soon.

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Your Health, Your Life, Your Way – It all adds up to a better product for you.

USANA Accolades: A Well Rounded Company ALLIE HENDERSON  As I write this, my dog is unendingly trying to get my attention. Whether it’s by placing his face on my keyboard and deleting unsaved words, dropping his obnoxious Kong repeatedly on our hardwood floors, or expressing how upset…

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Sleep deprivation increased food intake and may promote obesity

At a GlanceResearch shows a connection between short-term sleep deprivation and increased food intake, indicating that lack of sleep may be a factor that promotes obesity.Read more about this research below. It is known that short-term sleep deprivation increases plasma concentrations of ghrelin (a hormone…

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Rebuild your relationship with Clean Real Food.

I’ve been observing people for over a decade now and how they consume food.   In my opinion we need to rebuild our relationship with food. Here are some common and not so unrealistic views of food To full of poison, To nutrient deficient, To processed,…

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6 Plant Based Proteins

Whether you’re Vegetarian, Vegan or Not you should go for multiple sources of all nutrients including protein.  Its about balance and variety. The following article is a good start. Gord By: Willow Tohi, Natural News Like most people who have a higher health conscious, most vegans and vegetarians have…

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Do Artificial Sweeteners (splenda, aspartame, etc) Make You Fat?

by Paul Mason I wanted to talk about artificial sweeteners today because I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of confusion and misconceptions revolving around these non-caloric sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners and the huge list of products sweetened with them are marketed to you relentlessly as “healthy foods” or “healthier” than…

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