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Success Story: She’s So Glad She Found Weightlifting

And, to bust a persistent myth about strength training, it will not make you immediately “bulk up” like the Incredible Hulk.

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Overcoming Myths About Active Aging

These are all part of the persistent myths attached to people over 50. But like many myths, they’re wrong when it comes to the millions and millions of active agers who are fit and determined to enjoy life as long as possible.

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Review 2022: Time to Take Stock of Your Fitness

Here we are near the end of the year.

So, for 2022, ask yourself three questions.

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Fitness Over 50: Sharing the Common Goal

We’re all united in our common goal of living our best lives at any age. Join an existing group or start one of your own.

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Are You Too Old to Exercise?

Here are more questions we’re often asked about exercise and aging.

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Fitness Bands Are Small but Smart Workout Tools

They’re a low-cost, lightweight option for resistance training.

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