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Still Smoking?

Coronavirus Is One More Reason to Quit
Smokers already know the countless reasons they should quit the habit: cancer, emphysema, heart disease, yellow teeth, stinky clothes and on and on.

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Tai Chi Offers a Gentle, Flowing Approach to Fitness

“As a form of exercise, tai chi is very accessible. The movements are gentle and not difficult to learn. There is no special equipment or even apparel necessary.”

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Your Guide to Essential Minerals

You can’t simply make the minerals you need. And you’re not alone. Living things all over the planet deal with the same existential issue.

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Chili Bean and Bulgur Burgers

They may look like fried-chicken sandwiches, but they’re actually packed with plant protein, fiber and flavor.

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Urban Poling, or Nordic Walking, Boosts Your Stepping Workout

It was developed to train cross-country skiers, but its health benefits for everyone were quickly discovered.

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