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Success Story:

“I am open to new things – I am NOT an old fogey,”
resisting the myth that people “of a certain age” are afraid of digital communications or anything related to new ways of learning.

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Gift Giving in Strange Times

I recommend the KO8 because of it’s flexibility and portable versatility

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Quinoa Porridge

Normally served for dinner, don’t overlook quinoa as a unique breakfast “cereal.”

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Lemon-Garlic Shrimp and Vegetables

Shrimp scampi lovers will enjoy this healthy twist. Nix the butter and add flavor with red peppers and asparagus for a refreshing meal. Serve with whole grains like quinoa, couscous, or pasta.

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Secrets of the Immune System:

Your immune system is powerful on its own, and even more impressive with the tools that surround it. Understanding the secrets of the immune system will paint a complete picture of what takes place inside your body to keep you healthy.

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Build Your Immunity

A lot of these immune boosting habits double as generally helpful healthy behaviors. That means you can earn a lot of health benefits out of these simple changes to your life. So, you’ll obtain a lot more out of these actions than any efforts to sterilize your entire life.

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