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Officer to Officer:

It took “tough love” from a friend and fellow officer to get him to do anything about it.

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Strength training can help protect the brain from degeneration

Researchers have found that six months of strength training (lifting weights) can help protect brain areas especially vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease up to one year later.

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White Bean and Tuna Salad

Tons of fresh basil brightens this easy vinaigrette. Make extra and drizzle it over grilled chicken, shrimp, and more.

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Know How to Prevent Stroke

Stroke is common and serious. But we can also lower our risk through exercise and other lifestyle habits.

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Being Strong for Each Other

It’s not about trying to be 25 again.
Getting old isn’t for weaklings.

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7th Annual Okanagan Embrace Aging Month

Global is Happy to Offer a 10 Visit Punch Pass to Kelowna Residents during Embrace Aging Month. March 2020.

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