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How Long Will You Wait to Make a Healthy Change?

Why Wait for a health Crisis
They’ve gradually gained weight over the last couple of decades, and now they’re overweight, obese or getting there.

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Mobility for Active Adults:

Many people are known for enjoying healthy, active lifestyles. That includes downhill skiing on magnificent mountains, a sport that requires strength, endurance, and mobility

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20 Steps to Your Perfect Vision for the New Year

If you want to sharpen your vision for 2020, forget about resolutions, which come with heavy pressure and high failure rates. Being healthy is a process and is packed with daily choices. It’s not a goal or an event.

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Turkey Chili

hili is a popular dish – easy to make, satisfying, and popular. Here’s a great recipe to keep sodium in check and to not rely on fatty ground beef.

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Is 70 the New 65?

How old is old? he number just edged five years higher, according to information from the British government based on lengthening life expectancy.

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10 Tips for Fitness Newcomers

Starting to exercise regularly at a gym or fitness studio can be a lot for anyone and particularly for people over 50.

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