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She Regained Her Fitness and Then Made an Extraordinary Donation

Fitness over 50 is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Healthy Recipe, Country Potato Salad

This updated picnic potato salad gets subtle flavor from smoked ham. If you can find them, small, thin-skinned early potatoes are best in this salad.

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Fitness Can Cut Risk of Heart Attack in Half

Being in better shape can reduce your risk of heart attack by 50 percent, new research shows.

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Friendly Competition Can Boost Fitness

Adding athletic competition to your fitness routine brings fun and social interaction that can keep you jazzed throughout life.

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Healthy Recipe, White Bean and Spinach Salad

With so few ingredients, this salad is surprisingly substantial thanks to the protein- and fiber-packed white beans. Tender spinach, zippy red onion and a bold Dijon dressing fill out this simple salad that works as a main dish or side.

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Fight Ageism: Be Yourself and Be Healthy

When you work out, you’re doing more than improving your physical and mental health.
You’re also fighting dangerous prejudice.

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