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Healthy Recipe, Green Curry Tofu

This is a yummy, vegetarian and healthy way to bring tofu into your weekly routine.

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Music for Workouts Has Come a Long Way in 40 Years

Baby Boomers remember the birth of the Walkman 40 years ago. Introduced in the summer of 1979, the personal cassette player changed the way we listened to music, interacted in public – and worked out

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Exercise Makes Getting Outside Even Better

It’s true. Getting fit or staying fit helps people over 50 enjoy tennis, golf and gardening; playing with the grandkids; walking, jogging or bicycling…

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Healthy Recipe, Napa Valley Glazed Salmon Recipe

Nutrition Nugget: The white droplets accumulating on the top of salmon are rich in omega-3s, and so is the gray-colored meat right next to the skin. Enjoy both to reap the most omega-3s.

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Studies Link Obesity to Smaller Brains

“Obesity may also affect cognitive function” including a higher risk of developing dementia, the National Institute of Health reported.

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