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Reduce the Effects of Stress this Time of Year.

Good nutrition is among many things that can help reduce the effects of stress this time of year. IS HOLIDAY STRESS ON YOUR SHOPPING LIST? The holidays are a busy time of year for most people, and stress and anxiety have become almost an expectation…

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Is exercise enough to improve metabolic syndrome?

From  The effect of exercise training on clinical outcomes in patients with the metabolic syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis Metabolic syndrome is defined as having at least three of five clinical risk factors that are shown in Figure 1: elevated fasting glucose, abdominal obesity,…

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Butter Overview -Black Cod with Brown Butter Lemon Sauce

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD IS PART OF THE PRECISION NUTRITION NETWORK ALL CONTENT © PRECISION NUTRITION OVERVIEW Whether topped over steamed vegetables, crusty bread, or baked into a beautiful golden pastry, butter is an ingredient that makes culinary magic. Technically speaking, butter is simply milk fat…

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Your brain is powerful. You can even use it to think about how the brain itself works. Crazy, right? But this power doesn’t make your brain immune to factors that impact the rest of your body. Lifestyle and environment can affect your brain health. Luckily,…

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Hubbard Squash Overview and Recipe

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD IS PART OF THE PRECISION NUTRITION NETWORK ALL CONTENT © PRECISION NUTRITION OVERVIEW Hubbard squash is a member of the Cucurbita maxima family of winter squash, which also includes banana squash, kabocha squash, and turban squash. Like its cousins, Hubbard squash is…

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You don’t have to memorize the nutrient content of all your foods. You can thank nutrition facts labels for that. It isn’t necessary to recall the sodium content of your breakfast cereal off the top of your head every time you shop. But getting the…

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