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Junk food and the brain:

Given that our society’s food choices have moved so strongly toward ultra-processed products, we need to learn about the substantial scientific evidence proving that micronutrient intake influences mental health symptoms, especially irritability, explosive rage and unstable mood.

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Why Exercise Alone Will Not Help You Lose Body Fat

Is exercise important? Absolutely! However, if you don’t address your nutritional needs, you will always be swimming against the tide

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Cranberry Shrub Cocktails

Fresh cranberries are so full of wonderful tart flavor and health-boosting nutrients it seems a shame to serve them only in relish form to go with a holiday turkey.

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Join the Return to In-Person Workouts

Exercise is good for our mental health and fights depression and feeling of isolation.

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From High-Tech Scales to … Socks? Yep, and Lots More

Did you know fitness-over-50 is one of the biggest trends in the exercise world?

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Your Detox Organs Need Dietary Fiber

How Dietary Fiber Makes an Impact

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