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Side effects may include… leanness

By Ryan Andrews Being lean shouldn’t be an end to itself.  Instead, it should be a “side effect” of a lean lifestyle.  While this surprises a lot of people, here’s a fundamental truth.  How we live may be even more important than what we eat….

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Is saturated fat bad for me?

From – Original Article  The process of saturating a fatty acid does not inherently make it dangerous, and as such saturated fats are not inherently bad. Some may be, just as some unsaturated fats may also be bad, but saturated fats are sometimes called…

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Lobster – Overview and Recipe

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD IS PART OF THE PRECISION NUTRITION NETWORK ALL CONTENT © PRECISION NUTRITION OVERVIEW Lobster is a prime example of how food trends change. Prior to the mid-1900’s, lobster was associated with poverty and crime. Initially considered to be no better than…

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Table of Contents 1 MagneCal D 1.1 Calcium 1.2 Magnesium 1.3 Vitamin D 1.4 Boron and Silicon 1.5 Vitamin K 1.6 Additional Resources 1.7 References MagneCal D is an excellent complement to Core Minerals in the USANA CellSentials. Specifically designed to help support a healthy…

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35 lessons from successful clients.

Advice on how to get in your best shape from people who’ve done it. Project Body Smart – Certified Precision Nutrition Coach Coaching Online or in Person. Please feel free to contacts us at Original Article By Lee Helland Tired of so-called “experts” telling you…

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Reduce, Recycle, Renew Maintenance of human health requires intensive and ongoing cleanup operations. On a microscopic scale, the same principle holds true within each cell. If you are new to the term mitophagy and its role in cellular health, you will find this article very…

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