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The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, a cohort study conducted in South West England followed 14,541 pregnant women and their children after birth. This study has concentrated mainly on the health of children since birth and has collected a vast amount of data on…

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We aren’t bad for wanting food.

We aren’t “bad” for wanting to soothe ourselves with food. What is bad is that food manufacturers understand neurobiology and psychology, too. They know we’re more likely to crave foods that: are sugary are fatty and creamy are salty are all of the above, simultaneously…

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I’m not too tired to stuff my face

When people pull all-nighters, what happens to their eating patterns? This randomized trial tested how sleep deprivation affects total caloric intake, plus it used fMRI to look at brain mechanisms. Too busy to read the full article? Click here to listen to the audio version…

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Over consumption of sugary drinks dulls taste buds

I would definitely like to see more research into how Zero Calorie drinks and Artificial sweeteners affect taste buds.  Gord, PBS. Press release issued: 9 June 2011 New research by academics at the universities of Bristol and Bangor has shown for the first time that…

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Nutritional Supplements

JUST TO BE SURE I HELP MY BODY AS MUCH AS I CAN, I TAKE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS AS PART OF BEING BODY SMART. MY EXPERIENCE & OPINION.. I know, I know. Touchy subject but I feel strongly enough and have had enough experience to at…

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STRESS EFFECTS EVERYONE AT SOME POINT Everyone today is under some sort of stress. Financial, Health, Relationship, Work, Family and the list goes on and on. What we do about the stress we’re under is important. Recognizing we’re OVER Stressed and we suffer from PROLONGED…

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