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The very first activity tracker was created hundreds of years ago. It was based on a mechanical watch of the time and was used to count steps. Fast forward to today and there are hundreds of different options that can be built into our phones,…

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How to Make Vegetable Smoothies Your Kids Will Love!

Original Article Hiding pureed carrots in casseroles… Carefully creating a big smiley face with radishes and celery… Over-enthusiastically chowing down on kale (“mmm.. it’s SOO good, hunny!”)… This mama has tried every trick in the book but getting little ones to eat veggies is hard!…

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3 Ways to Fight Back This Season

The drums of battle thunder in the distance. Hooves of onrushing steeds threaten to trample your day underfoot. Waves of invaders batter the gates. It’s a war—and you’re the battlefield. Support your immune system in the fight against the stresses you encounter every day with USANA’s…

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Can you lose weight by turning down the heater?

From Believe it or not, there’s actually a simple, non-scammy way to “hack” your metabolism. And not only is it free, but it takes around two seconds to do … just walk over to your thermostat and tap a button. Humans are warm-blooded. You…

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Here’s Everything You Actually Need To Know About Protein

Starting with: WTF is it and what does it actually do? Sally Tamarkin BuzzFeed News Reporter Original Article here. 1. Let’s start at the beginning. WTF is protein actually? 1. @vonabiszett / Via Protein is a broad term for molecular chains of amino acids,…

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Is it really that bad to skip breakfast?

From Growing up, you’ve probably heard, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” From parents, diet gurus, doctors, and especially … breakfast cereal makers! But does breakfast provide any real health benefit, compared to skipping it or drinking a quick coffee? We’re…

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