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Winter Olympians Back Their Performances With @USANAinc

Written by Allie Henderson NOVEMBER 30, 2015 Many companies partner with distinguished athletes to help build their brand. Think Nike and Michael Jordan. Or Gatorade and Michael Jordan. Or Hanes and Michael Jordan. You get the point. And USANA is no different.* In fact, more…

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6 healthy habits you’re already doing

(and don’t even know it). Use the “secret weapons” you already possess to get in better shape. By John Berardi, Ph.D. Inside you are secret weapons: healthy habits and skills that can help you get in the best shape of your life. The best part: these…

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Supplement Spotlight: Digestive Enzyme Keeps Things Comfortable

Written by Camille Fletcher FEBRUARY 4, 2014 You ate too much. You changed your diet. That ice cream didn’t agree with you. Who thought that a greasy cheeseburger was a good idea? There are all kinds of situations that can turn uncomfortable if your digestive…

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Oral nutritional supplementation improves health outcomes and economic benefits in hospitalized adults

November 25, 2015 At a Glance A retrospective study of over a million hospitalized patients shows that nutritional supplements provided to patients during hospitalization significantly reduces the length of stay and health care costs. Read more about this research below. A growing body of evidence…

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Infographic: The Workout Behind Your Holiday Meal

I think these are a little on the nice side.  Most people don’t work hard enough to burn the calories shown here but it’s a good reference anyway.  Gordon – Project Body Smart. Written by Missy Bird NOVEMBER 5, 2014 The next time you sit…

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Natural treatments for the most common medical problems.

The lifestyle advice that helps  By John Berardi, Ph.D. and Spencer Nadolsky, D.O. Wondering about natural treatments for high cholesterol? Blood pressure? Diabetes? Autoimmune disease? Thyroid? Lots of clients come to us after being diagnosed with something new (and scary). We help them eat, exercise,…

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