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What is Body Composition

Body composition refers to the lean tissue versus the fat tissue in the body. Lean tissue is composed of muscle, bone and organs. Fat tissue refers to three  categories of fat, essential fat, non-essential fat and storage fat. Essential and storage fat are necessary for the body to function, while non-essential (excess storage fat) fat is of no real use to the body. What’s the goal for most individuals hitting the gym or adding activity and exercise to the day?  To reduce excess storage fat and increase lean muscle mass.


Tips to reducing excess storage fat.



Eat Clean Real Food. Avoid processed factory food.



Moderate to intense exercise depending on goals for a healthy adult.  Get that heart rate elevated daily.



Get plenty of quality sleep.


Stress Management

Cronis Stress can cause weight gain and hinder weight loss. Find ways to de-stress, Yoga, Meditation, Moderate Exercise, Spirituality.


Nutritional Supplements

Consume a high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement to fill in the gaps in your diet and lifestyle.



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