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Change your mind to be healthy


Being healthy is a mindset.  Change how you think of health. It’s not all about weight, food and the next fad diet or miracle pill.  Look at your life not your body and what do you see?  Is it balanced between work, kids, education, fun, exercise, sleep and relaxation etc? Yes food is important and you should look to eating clean real food as much as possible but you can’t do that in a fad diet.  Just start living mindfully and you will get healthier.

Until we change our minds about what it is to get and stay healthy we will go through life chasing the never ending challenge of what it is to be healthy.  When you reach this mindset you don’t worry about what seems to be a food industry driven holiday schedule of celebrations of one sort or another.  You don’t follow the latest diet trends or working out 7 days a week.  You settle into a life of being mindful of what you put in and on your body and staying active through workouts at the gym or life activities that keep you moving and strong.

You don’t worry about the odd potato chip or chocolate because 95% of the time you eat good clean real food without overeating. Drink lots of clean water, get moderate amounts of exercise, sleep well, manage your stress and take a good pharmaceutical grade supplement.

Work on changing your mindset and you’ll change your health.



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