Project Body Smart | Dr. Regina Hamlin Shares Tips for Expectant Mothers


Dr. Regina Hamlin Shares Tips for Expectant Mothers

From hormone changes to skin changes, pregnancy can definitely take its toll on a woman’s body. Here, Dr. Regina Hamlin shares some tips to make expectant mothers look and feel their best.


 Keeping that Pregnancy Glow in Check During Pregnancy

Although nearly all pregnant women are told they have that “pregnancy glow,” or a cute little “baby bump,” any woman who has been pregnant knows that as your belly starts growing and your skin starts changing, you don’t feel nearly as beautiful as you once did. But there’s no need to worry: Dr. Regina Hamlin, USANA consultant and a dermatologist of 30 years, answers questions that will help you overcome your insecurities and allow you to maintain your natural beauty—both inside and out.


 Q: What can a pregnant woman expect from her skin while pregnant?

A: It really depends on the individual, but common skin changes include stretch marks, “mask” of pregnancy, breakouts or mild acne, spider veins, and darkening of freckles or moles.


Q: How can she best deal with these changes?

A: First and foremost, a good diet and exercise program is vital in maintaining overall health and beauty throughout your pregnancy. For skin concerns, keep up with your daily regimen. Cleanse your skin morning and night to reduce excessive oil, which can lead to breakouts. Also, antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids will help you maintain that “glow” even after you’ve delivered.


Q: Are there certain products you would recommend she uses or eliminates from her daily routine?

A: Avoid acne medication products. They can contain acne-fighting ingredients which may not be suitable for pregnant women. Use products without added chemical preservatives, like Sensé beautiful science®. Each product in the Sensé line, such as Daytime Protective Emulsion or the Rice Bran Polisher, contains carefully selected ingredients known to fortify and revitalize your individual skin cells, where healthy skin begins. You can visit go to the Sense page to learn more about these products.


Q: Is there anything a woman can do prior to pregnancy or during the early stages to try to “save” her skin?

A: Prior to pregnancy, make sure you are consuming the proper nutrients and drinking plenty of water. Also, using skin care products that are high in antioxidants and vitamins can help reduce the visible signs of aging and stress. Choose your skin care products wisely.


Q: Once she has the baby, how long does it take for her skin to go back to normal? Does it ever go back to normal?

A: Each woman is different and it really depends on her body. Also, each pregnancy is unique so you may experience different skin changes during each of your pregnancies.


Q: What is the pregnancy “glow” all about?

A: Increased blood circulation during pregnancy can make your skin appear brighter. Also, hormone changes often create more oil production, causing a slight shine to your skin. These together create the “glow” during pregnancy.


Take time to enjoy your pregnancy and the healthy “glow” that develops. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy, expecting mother!

Posted: 11/17/10
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