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Football and Skin-Care?



I’m a woman. I love football. I watch ESPN. … I also happen to be one of the girliest girls on the planet and am serious about skin care.

So when it comes to loving all things beauty and my beloved football, I’d consider them equal — well, almost equal.

Being that it’s Big Game time (sorry, we don’t want to get in trouble, but you know what Big Game we’re referring to, right?), I figured I’d dedicate this month’sUSANA Inside Beauty to tips related to the grid iron. Hey, if you aren’t into football, read it anyway — you could pick up some sports lingo (and a few beauty tips) that might come in handy.

USANA Inside Beauty: Skin Care

The Offense

The offense in football is the side that is in possession of the ball. The offensive players’ job is to advance the ball into the opponent’s end zone to score. The key to a great offense is a solid running game and consistent passing success.

To accomplish both, you need to prepare, or in other words, be proactive. The offense runs plays that are created to get the job done.

In skin care, there are certain habits — or plays — that “get the job done.” To be on the offense in anti-aging, you’ve got to cleanse your face morning and night. This helps us get to the end zone (better skin).

Removing dirt and oil is key to having clear, bright skin and preps your face for any lotion or serums you may apply. Try Sensé Gentle Daily Cleanser because it’s soap free, non-drying, and contains natural botanicals that soften the skin and lock in moisture — TOUCHDOWN!


The Defense

USANA Inside Beauty: Skin Care

Ever heard someone say “defense wins championships”? I have to agree. While offense is necessary and super fun to watch, you can’t win a championship without defense.

In football, the point of the defense is to prevent the opponent from gaining yards and scoring. When it comes to your skin, don’t underestimate your competition.

Environmental stress (opponent) is aggressive and in turn, you have to come prepared with a defensive strategy that can tackle pollution, smoke, and UV damage. If you want protection from the opponent and can’t chance a blitz, Sensé Daytime Protective Emulsion should be a key player on your defensive line.


Special Teams

Special Teams in football are players who are on the field during kicking plays. They are “specialists” because they offer a certain skill set like kicking or punting.

In skin care terms, the special teams include treatment products that offer unique, targeted solutions — like Sensé’s Enhancers. For example, Sensé Serum Intensive should have an integral role on your special teams because it specifically fights wrinkles, to reduce the appearance of aging.

And as all good coaches and consumers know, special teams can make a big impact on the end game — in our case, younger looking skin.


A Win-Win

Well, hopefully you learned a thing or two about football and skin care. You see, the two really do have a few things in common.

So to win your next game against aging, be sure to include your offense (Cleanser), defense (Daytime Protective Emulsion), and special teams (Sensé Enhancers) for a winning combination.

USANA Inside Beauty: Skin Care

Well there’s the scoop!

Wishing you all beauty and health.

Jessica Reimer is a Senior Marketing Manager at USANA Health Sciences.



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