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Gord helped me pass the RCMP #PARE on my first attempt with plenty of time to spare!

Gord assessed my strengths and weaknesses, including dominant/non-dominant sides and used this information to create a functional training program with balance, strength and interval components. The program was varied and had many options to keep it challenging and interesting as you progressed.  He designed an obstacle course based on measurements from the PARE test that I could set up and take down myself. The workouts made me feel stronger, quicker, more agile and self-aware. He was able to work with my injuries, incorporate and build on exercises given by my physiotherapist so I could continue to work out and challenge myself to achieve my goal. Gord provided online support and suggested apps to keep me on track and use with my workouts when I was on my own. If you have a goal or a challenge Gord will help you beat it but be prepared to work for it!


I have been an active person my whole life. Playing sports at a young age and trying to be as active as I can throughout my life. When I moved to Kelowna 5 years ago, it was hard to find an exercise routine. I joined a gym and started to feel like fitness is a large part of my life. Once I met Gord Palmer last year, he has motivated me and through his knowledge of what proper nutrition and what is considered good fitness, I feel like I have an even larger passion and undertanding of the world of fitness. What is so great about Gord, is that he has a passion himself for fitness and nutrition. He is not doing it for a paycheck and to me, that speaks volumes. His interest is in educating people about proper nutrition and fitness. During his bootcamp classes, he does kick your ass, but it’s his enouragement that actually makes it fun. Gord pushes you to your limits because he knows you can.

I have encoutered a lot of ‘personal trainers’ and ‘nutrition gurus’, but none of them are as knowledgable in this department like Gord is. It is easy to say that you are a personal trainer because you took a course, and that you know lots about nutrition because you read lots of books and blogs on the internet, but Gord understands the body and knows what it should be fueled with and by and tells you WHY.  He also does not stop learning about the body. And to me that is the most important. He spends the time with you and educates you and you leave feeling like ‘Yes, now I get it’, or better yet ‘YES! Damn that was a good workout, I will feel it tomorrow!’. His passion is contagious, and I will continue to work with him and learn from him.



It’s really hard  for me to keep this to just a few lines – yes he is that good :-).   Gord Palmer is an awesome personal trainer and fitness coach.  I have been attending Gord’s classes and personal training programs for about three years now.  Gord has challenged me to step well outside of my comfort zone –  he motivates me to work hard in each class.  Quite frankly, I’ve amazed myself on a several occasions!  I appreciate his attention to detail – ensuring that the exercise is done with the correct form.  It’s always very enlightening to feel the difference between doing the exercise the right way.  I do believe this is clearly one of the most important benefits of attending a class/program with professional instruction.  We do work hard, we have fun and we laugh – that’s important and that is what keeps me going back!  If you’re reading this, you’re likely researching personal trainers – I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in connecting with Gord.





“I have been training with Gord in his group fitness classes. Great results! He has an eye on correcting your posture. He knows how to step it up a notch for those who want a more intense work out, while still including those who are not at that level. With his knowledge of health and nutrition I feel  I’m getting the whole package.”



The positive training environment that Gordon Palmer creates is a great help when trying to get in shape.



Cathy Ponsford

April 10 at 10:57am

So looking forward to a new and challenging workout with the BEST Trainer in Kelowna Gordon Palmer………… Glad you came into my world!!!

— feeling excited.”


Jackie Gartner

Jackie & Darwin Gartner

PO Box 99

Rosedale, BC

August 19, 2015

Dear Gordon and Usana

I would like to begin this testimonial regarding my experience with Usana products by saying that Gordon Palmer is a wonderful representative for Usana.   His knowledge of the products and extensive patience with my questions has been a huge part of why we began taking the products initially.  Gordon continues in that roll with prompt answers and explanations that help in making wise choices for our own health.

I can’t really even say how long we have been taking the Essentials, I believe around 4 years.  At first we were “hit and miss” at taking them and really didn’t notice a huge difference, that soon changed.  When we decided we really needed to care for our health and started taking them on a regular basis the evidence was clear what it was doing for us.   Energy levels, hair, nails, and disposition changed and we were very impressed.

For 12 years I got pneumonia every winter.   Microplasm pneumonia that created havoc in my body and is the direct result in my having Cold Urticaria for the rest of my life.   Each time I had the pneumonia it would worsen a bit more.  Since taking the Essentials I have not had pneumonia once!!!   That has been so wonderful to go through a winter with only sniffles or a cold but never pneumonia.   That in itself sold me on Essentials, but that isn’t all.

Two years ago the H1N1 virus hit our area.   I was taken down badly and was one of three people in the upper Fraser Valley that was hit with the worse strain of that virus.   My doctor said that when they took the virus swabs and compared them to each of the other three people they were exactly the same.   She said to me at that time I was the only one out of the three of us that did not end up in the hospital.   I was VERY ill but managed to stay at home and recovered over the 6 weeks I was down without having to have any medication.  The other two people ended up in hospital and one almost dying.   I knew that taking the Essentials had to be one of the biggest factors in my recovery and ability to fight off the effects that could have sent met to the hospital because  of that horrid, painful virus.

Our son in law started on Essentials when we gave him a box when Darwin decided to not take them any more.  Corey found them to be hugely helpful and has been getting them ever since.   This past winter Darwin, our daughter and two granddaughters all caught a horrid flu that wiped them all out for days.  Corey and I were the only ones who didn’t get it and we were the only ones taking the Essentials.    That convinced all of us that this product is effective and important for a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our daughter would like to be able to take the Essentials but she has a VERY severe allergy to any corn products so therefore is unable to take them because of some of the ingredients.  She said if there was a way that Usana could make them completely corn free she would be so grateful as most vitamins have a corn product in them at some point.   Something for Usana to work towards, a corn free (gmo free) line of vitamins.

Our youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this year and so our daughter is looking into your vitamins for children in light of that, so you never know they might be the next ones taking Usana products.

During the spring and early summer Darwin started to really struggle with being tired, stressed (we are self employed) and just generally feeling unwell and sad.   He tried many different things to change that up and nothing worked.   I kept telling him that he needed to give Essentials a try again.  Two weeks ago I convinced him to give it a month of taking them everyday along with the new additions I am taking, the Vit D., Biomega and Proflavanol.   He has done that and he can’t believe how much different he feels.   The stress from work is still there but he is feeling he can cope much better, has more energy and generally feels like he is wading out of a really tough time.

Since starting to take the Biomega and the Proflavanol I can’t believe the difference I feel.  Mostly in my skin, hot flashes, and my nails!   My nails had gotten to the point before then that they were peeling and cracking terribly.  Now they are growing so long and strong I have even been able  to garden and do canning without gloves.  They are strong and long, it is nice to have the choice to cut them and not have them break.   I was eating 2 cups of red grapes everyday to control my hot flashes…something I found by accident but boy did it work.  Grapes became so expensive and I noticed that the one product had grape seed and was something Gordon had recommend I take.  Turns out that it has helped my hot flashes immensely!

So as you can tell, we are very satisfied with the Usana products.  Our only regret is that we didn’t listen to Gordon years before when he would talk to us about the products.   The cost was our biggest concern, but we have managed to handle the cost by only taking half doses at this time.   Even at half dose we are much healthier.   We won’t be turning away and as a matter of fact there are a few other products we will be trying soon.

Thank you for your time in reading my long, wordy email.   I just knew I couldn’t condense all that had taken place.   Too many good things to cut out.

Thank you for the work you put into these products and for equipping intelligent kind, caring people like Gordon to work to help many people get and stay healthy.   Keep at the research and maybe one day there will come a time when corn is no longer a product used and our daughter can take them too.

All the best success to your Gordon and to you Usana, thanks for helping me to be a better, healthier me.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jackie and Darwin Gartner