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Hunger is NOT an emergency

When we asked some skinny guys enrolled in our former Scrawny to Brawny program what they did when they were hungry, their answers were revealing.

  1. They would decide if they were physically hungry. If not, they would ignore the feeling.
  2. If they had food around, they would eat until they were satisfied (not stuffed).
  3. If they didn’t, they would shrug and go about their business.

In no case would they panic.

Lean people aren’t just magically skinny. In part, they think differently than over-fat people about food.

  • They aren’t afraid of feeling hungry. They know hunger comes and goes.
  • They don’t panic when they feel hunger.
  • They can tell the difference between true physical hunger, a general desire to eat, and specific food cravings.

Above all, they know: Hunger is not an emergency.

So here’s what to do the next time you’re hungry: Follow the instructions below.

What to do today

  1. Understand the hunger is not an emergency.
    Though it might be uncomfortable, the feeling of hunger comes and goes.
  2. When you’re hungry, do the following:
    • Slow down for a second and pay attention.
      Are you really, physically hungry?
    • Relax. Don’t panic.
      Unless you’ve been lost in the desert without food for days, this is not an emergency. You might just be feeling an adrenaline dump. Breathe. Stay cool.
    • Rank your discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10.
      1 is perfect comfort. 10 is being stung to death by a swarm of killer bees… that are on fire.

      If what you’re feeling is a 5 or less, relax. You can deal with this.

    • Take an extra 30 seconds to ask yourself:
      What would be the best, most thoughtful* choice possible under these particular circumstances?

      (*Note that we don’t say “perfect”.)

    • As well as you can, make that thoughtful choice.

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