Project Body Smart | Infographic: Energy Drink Comparison


Infographic: Energy Drink Comparison

Written by MAY 27, 2015

Confession time: in the early afternoon, about an hour after lunch, I start to get a little drowsy. A nap would be amazing, but staying awake is a very important part of my job. I’m sure you can relate.

So when I want a delicious way to stay alert, whether it’s for work, a game of volleyball, or evenstaying up late to watch TV, I start to consider my energy drink options. And since I work for USANA, Rev3 Energy® is the obvious choice.

But what’s the difference between Rev3 and all those other energy drinks out there?

To learn more about Rev3 and how it compares to the other guys, check out the infographic below. It explains some of the key differences, so you’ll understand why Rev3 is the queen bee.

If you enjoy this infographic, be sure to share it with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t let your friends slum it with inferior energy drinks—they’ll thank you later.

Energy Drink Comparison Infographic

Infographic designed by Taylor Romney, social media design specialist


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