Project Body Smart | Not jumping on the Resolution band wagon just yet?


Not jumping on the Resolution band wagon just yet?


Well you’re not alone and if you haven’t had time to sit down and think about what you are going to make of 2013 then take some time and think, review and plan first and you’ll increase your chances of success.

Start by reviewing last year and what you’re grateful for, what went well and not so well.  How did you trip yourself up or set yourself off track from your 2012 goals?  Put steps in place to try and avoid the same pitfalls.  Celebrate the successes. How did they happen and what did you do to make that happen?  Do more of that.

Define your goals and decide which three are the most important to you.  Personal, business, health, spiritual or otherwise.  Break those goals down into what life would look like once you’ve accomplished the goal.  Now look carefully at your new successful life and what’s around you? Who’s in your life and what roll do they play?  How much money do you have?  What spiritual journey are you on?  How does it feel?  Jot this all down as you will need to go to work on making it happen.  Breaking your goals down in to weekly action steps is important and even daily if that’s your thing.

Then it’s all about why you desire this life and success.  Without a strong why you won’t survive the hard knocks that are coming your way or the next shiny opportunity that promises an easy three step process to success.

Once you’ve set out your goals, weekly/daily actions and your why.  Review it daily.  It is very important to keep your desires where you can remind your subconscious mind of what your goals and aspirations are so it can go to work on helping you make it happen.

So don’t rush but don’t procrastinate either.  Relax, review, build, plan and execute.



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