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Keep Your Brain Strong, Too

Start now, your not too young.

Our greatest fears about aging concern control of our bodies and minds – like suffering falls, losing memory and forgetting family and friends.
The evidence about exercise and physical health is well-established. Science increasingly shows it’s good for our mental health, too.
We can strengthen our bodies and brains by doing the right type of regular exercise, says Ryan Glatt, a brain health coach at the Pacific Brain Health Center.  
What are the brain benefits of exercise? Glatt says they include improved memory; a larger area of the brain responsible for learning and memory; increased blood flow to the brain; and more neurons.
We need moderately intense exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. Walking is a good start, but Glatt has suggestions for increasing the intensity.

  • For example, using an exercise bike or treadmill can help you go faster to increase the heart rate. It can challenge you with an incline. And it gives the support of a handrail.
  • “And incorporate resistance training,” he says. “It does more than strengthen our muscles and bones. It also improves cognition and promotes brain health.”
  • Fun and new activities help, too. For example, dancing – which engages the brain by requiring us to learn steps – is excellent for memory retention and processing speed. 

If you’re concerned about brain and body health, speak with your doctor, of course. We can help you smartly combine safe moderately intense aerobic activity and other exercises to get the most helpful impact for your brain and body.

Activate – Brain and Body Training Program at Global Fitness & Racquet Centre combines all the necessary components to help you stay physically healthy and exercise the brain for health as well. Keeping you alert and functional for all life’s activities is our goal no matter what age you’re at.

Gordon Palmer – Project Body Smart
Global Fitness & Racquet Centre, Kelowna

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