Project Body Smart | Know Your Value as a Fitness Client over 50.


Know Your Value as a Fitness Client over 50.

– We Sure Do!

Have you ever walked into a fitness center for the first time and felt invisible? Like management and employees didn’t care if you were there – probably, you felt, because of your age?

If so, then trust us: It’s them, not you. They didn’t know or care how awesome you are – or how important to their business.

People over 50 are among the most desirable clients for gyms, fitness studios and personal trainers. Evidence for this is everywhere.

For example, a report by SCW, a fitness education organization, says that the No. 2 trend for the fitness industry is “active aging.” An earlier global survey ranked it No. 4 for 2019.

“The growing number of baby boomers and longer lifespans of humans has demanded fitness alternatives,” SCW says. “People don’t want to just live longer but thrive longer and continue to enjoy the benefits life has to offer. Exercise is seen as medicine.”

SCW’s No. 1 trend is related: functional fitness, which helps people conduct the activities of their normal lives. That can mean whatever each individual wants – from basic mobility to high-level athletics.

Organizations such as the Functional Aging Institute are gaining prominence to promote training mature adults among an industry too often focused on youth.

If you think fitness facilities out there are missing a huge demographic. Your Demographic.

We couldn’t agree more. We appreciate you, want you, and can’t wait to see you.

Gordon Palmer, Functional Aging Specialist.

Project Body Smart

Global fitness & Racquet Centre.

Kelowna, BC Canada

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