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Let’s Go: Get Fit for Travel

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but we all know it can be hard work sometimes.

You have to walk through big airports. Stand in line. Carry luggage, and maybe lift it up to put it in the plane’s overhead compartment.

Then, when you reach your destination, you might be enjoying a sport or hobby, shepherding kids around an amusement park, or hiking up the ancient stairs of a historical site.

When we reach retirement age, we finally have the time and money to travel more than perhaps we did when we were working, raising kids or building careers and businesses. But too many people reach this stage of life and find they’re worried about frailty or functional abilities to enjoy a trip.

Take Jo Ann Bloodgood, for instance, who grew up dreaming about visiting the Galapagos Islands and seeing the unique creatures that live there. At 80, she had gone through a bypass surgery, two knee replacements, and treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Trip organizers warned of a strenuous experience. Participants would have to climb in and out of little boats, and walk a mile or more to see the wildlife.

So, Jo Ann decided to get ready by getting in shape. Her trainer started her slowly, and then gradually built up Jo Ann’s strength and endurance with balance exercises, stair work, and more.

Long story short, Jo Ann made that bucket-list trip, and enjoyed every bit of it.

Are you in shape for your travel plans? Are you taking the steps to stay in shape so you can travel safely and functionally?

Being physically capable is a large part of travel but what about confidence in your ability to cope with stress, rushed connections, delays etc. Having good physical, mental and emotional health all plays a roll in your travel enjoyment.

Let us help you build up your strength, stamina, flexibility and confidence so you can go where you want to go – and do whatever you want.

Project Body Smart – Functional Aging Specialist

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