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Despite being an extensively researched disease, all that conventional medicine can offer are strong medications in an attempt to alleviate symptoms, either by suppressing the response of the immune system and/or blocking the inflammatory response of the affected tissues and organs. This is a typical symptom-based approach that never addresses the core issues contributing to the development and the devastation that Lupus causes in your life. Usually, because of the lack of understanding of all the factors involved, treatments tend to be determined by a trial and error process.

Our approach is very different. Our objective is to modulate your immune system and treat the underlying biochemical, structural, nutritional and psychospiritual mechanisms that make it act out in the first place, avoiding unnecessary and potentially dangerous side effects. Here is an overview of some of the most effective treatments we have found for Lupus Erythematosus.


Food as medicine:

Therapeutic oligoantigenic elimination diet that will help detect any food allergens that can be contributing to inflammation and that could be triggering an immune response with the release of immune complex.


Detoxification and antioxidant therapy:

Through the use of specific supplements, IV therapies, hydrotherapy, hyperthermia therapy, we will support the proper detoxification function of your body while eliminating free radicals. If needed, an amalgam removal protocol could be offered.


Homeopathy and Homotoxicology protocols:

to support your health and balance n multiple levels.


Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy:

This therapy supports tissue regeneration while having immune modulation effects and diminishing the inflammation in the body.



During your stay you will learn and experience many ways of releasing stress, such as meditation, relaxation and yoga.


Structural therapy:

Our chiropractic department will focus on treating the various structural imbalances, if present, which could be sources of inflammation, stress and might stop you from exercising with ease.


Spa Therapy:

Our Spa offers soothing and rejuvenating treatments that will relax and detoxify you, further improving your ability to have a greater balance.
We know that your stay at Sanoviv is only the beginning of your healing process. To support you on your way to recovery, you will receive an individualized home program at the end of your stay which you will incorporate as part of your daily lifestyle. We will continue to support your progress through our After Care program that will effortlessly coordinate any questions or comments you might have for your health team.



Sanoviv recommended program “Medical Program”. At Sanoviv each patient is treated as individual. Depending on the severity of your disease and your unique makeup other programs of diagnostics may be recommended. Please contact our Admissions Department for personal assistance. To start getting answers, feeling better and living fully, come to Sanoviv. Click Here to talk to one of our doctors.

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