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Need Help to Keep Moving?

This Band and Body Weight Program is designed as a basic full body workout. 

If you have injuries or other limiting conditions, please check with a medical professional before starting a new program.  If you need alternate exercises, please feel free to reach out. 

Makes sure to do at least a 10-minute full body warm up before starting this resistance program.

At completion Cool Down and stretch with your favorite bull body stretches or see one of the attached stretch programs.

This program can be done in its entirety every other day with a recovery day between or split sequentially into multiple days throughout the week with or without days in between.

You can of course substitute the band with weights or a stretchy piece of material, bungy cords or water bottles or cans of soup or bricks………. You get the picture.

Have fun and enjoy.

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We got you.

Reach out for help.

Gordon Palmer

Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, Precision Nutrition Coach

Founder – Project Body Smart

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