Project Body Smart | One of the Reasons I partnered with USANA as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach


One of the Reasons I partnered with USANA as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Manufacturing Excellence: A Conversation with Dr. John Cuomo

USANA prides itself on its quality, in-house manufacturing. But what does that really mean? How does it set USANA apart from the competition? And how does it contribute to USANA’s products consistently being the best nutritional supplements on the market?In this interview, Dr. John Cuomo, USANA’s executive director of global research and development, discusses the importance of in-house manufacturing, ho

w it impacts USANA’s products, and why committing to quality is so important.USANA: Why manufacture products in-house?

Dr. Cuomo: The main reason is so you can control the process at every step. When you’re making something for yourself, you take the time to do it right, and you don’t cut corners because you’re only cheating yourself. Our interest is putting out a good product at the end. We have to make money, but that’s not our primary concern.

This is our house. This is our business. And nobody else is going to take care of it if we don’t.


USANA: Along with the manufacturing, what sets USANA’s quality processes apart?


Dr. Cuomo: The level of testing we’re able to do on our process is way above what anybody else in the industry is doing—especially for those going through a third-party vendor.


USANA: Why is that?


Dr. Cuomo: Third-party vendors are making a different product every day for a different person. They won’t completely validate the production of any single one of those runs, because there’s no value for them to do it. When we run our same products over and over and over again, we become experts on those products.

USANA: How does USANA’s testing compare to the rest of the industry?


Dr. Cuomo: The guidelines the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) put out for nutritional supplements don’t say you have to do full testing of every ingredient in every lot, so most manufactures will do spot testing. If you’re making 100 lots of your product in a year, you might take five of them and do testing, and that’s good enough. We’ve decided that’s not good enough for us. We do full testing on every single lot.


USANA: Why is a focus on quality so important?

Dr. Cuomo: I think all of us, certainly in the R&D group—but I think in the whole company, whether they’re in production, creative services, answering phones in distributor services, or anywhere—believe in the company, and we have very high ethical standards. We have people here who believe in doing things right.That’s why you want to own your production facilities. That’s why you want to test yourself. That’s why you want to validate your methods. So that you know what you’re doing is right. So you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You know what? I did everything I could to make sure this works.” And it’s worth it when you see the people that take the products and have good results.(Grabs a bottle of Proflavonol® C100 off the desk) What I tell people is that Dr. Wentz signs his name on every single bottle with that potency guarantee. So he puts his name on the label. But I put my butt on the line.

Gord – Certified Personal Trainer

“This is our house. This is our business. And nobody else is going to take care of it if we don’t.”

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