Project Body Smart | Personalize Your Health – Assessment


Personalize Your Health – Assessment

Curious about what you can do to improve your health?


But what is it and what does it do? You probably could guess, from the name, that it’s an assessment. But this isn’t your average questionnaire. This app asks for your health goals, gathers information about lifestyle, activities, eating habits, health concerns, and more, then it gives you a list of top risk areas, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle plan, and customized product recommendations.

Tell the patent-pending True Health Assessment what you want and who you are, it will give you a roadmap to health—danger on the left, keep right at the French fries, stop here for the USANA® Essentials™. And these aren’t generic eat-right-and-exercise recommendations. The True Health Assessment provides a unique plan for you based on exactly what you need most.

And there’s 20 years of USANA scientific research and development knowledge packed into something literally anyone can use. The Assessment truly embodies ‘Your heath. Your life. Your way.’ and delivers on our brand promise—everything we do helps you love life and live it.


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