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Personalized Nutrition – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Kosher……


Nick Peterson Fact or Fiction

It’s a no-brainer that USANA offers personalization at every corner. I mean, look at our revolutionary MyHealthPak that allows you to choose specific supplements for your convenient, morning and evening nutritional packets. And don’t forget about the True Health Assessment, which analyzes your health habits to give detailed reports and personalized product recommendations. Even with all that, some people still have specific needs that require even more personalization. It sounds pretty tricky, and that’s why some people assume we don’t create products that cater to those with certain dietary habits or food allergies and sensitivities. Well, I’m here to tell you: that is pure fiction. USANA creates plenty of products for these individuals, and here are some examples.

Gluten Free

USANA Fact or Fiction - Snacks

There isn’t any gluten in the all-new protein snacks USANA just released. People follow gluten-free diets for different reasons. While some have gluten allergies or sensitivities, others find they lead a healthier lifestyle by avoiding it. Either way, we’re listening to your demands. With new formulations, all of USANA’s Nutrimeal meal-replacement shakes are now completely gluten free. Oh, and you know those tasty new Protein Snacks (Choco Chip™Peanutty Bliss™,Fudge Delite™) we just released? Yeah, we made sure to keep the gluten out of those squares of soft-baked goodness, too. †

Vegetarian Friendly

While most of our products are compatible with vegetarian diets, certain products stand out as such because of their unique formulations. Take Procosa® for example. Glucosamine sulfate supplements are typically derived from crustacean shells, making it difficult for vegetarians to find a joint supplement that’s right for them. The glucosamine HCl in Procosa is derived from Aspergillus niger, making it an excellent choice for any vegetarian.

Dairy Free

Guess what? We’ve upgraded our formula for USANA® Probiotic. No worries — it’s still the same great product that brings balance to the belly, only now, it’s free of both dairy and sugar.

Speaking of free, hopefully you’ve heard about our new Nutrimeal Free product. There’s a reason we’ve included “free” in the title. It’s not just the gluten that’s left out. It’s also free of fructose, soy, and dairy, making it a friendly choice for many people with certain food allergies. ††

Fact or Fiction - USANA Foods US


Many of our Associates and Preferred Customers follow a kosher-friendly diet, which includes strict regulations of not only certain foods, but nutritional supplements as well. Fortunately, USANA has a number of kosher-certified products that have been closely inspected by kosher experts to endorse this certification. Most recently, we’ve formulated Essentials™ Kosher — another step toward making sure everyone can build a solid foundation of health.

Spread the Word

As you can see, USANA is consistently trying to create more products to meet the needs of more people. It may take some time, but we plan on spreading the message of true health to as many people as possible. And although we still have some work to do, and even more people to cater to, you can help us out by spreading the word about our already personalized, top-quality products. No gluten or eggs are used in this product. Manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts.††For our customers with food allergies: no wheat, dairy, eggs, or soy are used in these products. However, the products are manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing wheat, milk, eggs, and soybeans.

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