Project Body Smart | Pizza Hut Middle East’s ‘Kit Kat Pops’


Pizza Hut Middle East’s ‘Kit Kat Pops’

I’m sorry but this shit really amazes me.  Not so much because they make it, but because we eat it.  They make it to make money but why do we eat it.

Pizza Hut Middle East’s ‘Kit Kat Pops’

pizza hut kit kat pops

Its crap and we feed our bodies this in place of good healthy food for fuel. Then we whine about being fat, tired, can’t sleep, headaches or being diagnosed with cancer or lung disease or tumors or some other ailment.  When are we going to take responsibility for our own actions and what we feed our bodies?

I hear complaints all the time about how hard it is to lose weight.  Then when I go through their lifestyle I hear things like “oh i can’t give up my zero calorie coke”. Then you don’t really want to be healthy do you?  Zero Calories doesn’t mean it’s healthy and chemical free.

Life can be difficult. Why are we making it more difficult for ourselves by eating these poisonous foods.  Slowly start cleaning up your diet by adding clean real food in and it will slowly start pushing the bad stuff out.  It takes work no doubt to resist the nasty food scientists that create these horrifying chemical concoctions we eat instead of food but if you truly want to be healthy you must wake up and stop being so irresponsible with your life and body.

I don’t eat perfect all the time either but I certainly don’t make excuses for bad behavior and complain about how my body reacts to what I put in it.

Get a grip people.



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