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Risky Is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz about Randy Gage’s new book that’s coming out October 30th. It’s called Risky Is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed .

Risky Is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed

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This book is so relevant to the future of network marketing that we decided to make it the cover story of our Nov/Dec 2013 issue, themed The Global Rise of Entrepreneurship.

Networking Times Nov/Dev 2013 issue

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Randy’s interview is titled “Think and Grow Rich in the New World” and will be released on November 1. Here is what he sees in his crystal ball, based on hard trends:

“I believe we are about to enter the golden era of network marketing.

It’s like a perfect storm. We’re going to have millions of jobs eliminated, because of government malfeasance, currency collapse, and technology. We’re going to continue to see retail and traditional marketing break down. We’ll see ten, fifteen, twenty million people a month looking for work or having to retrain, like that heart surgeon who suddenly finds his skills are obsolete because he can’t use a joystick.

The whole landscape is changing. And there will be a point in the next few years when the entire profession of network marketing is going to go into an exponential growth curve, with several million people a month joining network marketing and direct selling companies.

We’ve all seen how individual companies hit their momentum phase. At some point within the next few years, the profession as a whole is going to hit that phase. […]

“I believe this will help all network marketing companies, because a rising tide raises all the ships. However, there are a few qualifications there.

Number one, your ship has to be in the water. If your boat is parked at dry dock, the rising tide isn’t going to touch it.

And number two, your ship has to be seaworthy. Younger, smaller, more nimble companies will probably benefit more than some of the older, bigger ones, because they are more innovative and can make change faster. When this onslaught happens, people who are still saying “Here’s what you do: invite people over to dinner and just when they’re expecting you to bring out the carrot cake you wheel out the white board and start drawing circles” are not going to get the biggest bounce from all this.

I’m not saying there will never be meetings anymore. It’s just that the companies who are good at such innovations as social media and online video, companies who embrace change, are going to benefit more from this surge of growth than companies who don’t. […]

“There will always be a place for conventions, rallies, and in-person events. But the center of gravity is shifting toward online media. You’ll see leaders in the network marketing profession doing a lot more webcasts and streaming Internet presentations. And those who get that will fare better.”

As you can see, the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Networking Times will be a compelling 3rd-party prospecting tool showing people how they can position themselves for what will be remembered as the Golden Era of Network Marketing. Make sure to get your hands on both this pivotal issue and get Randy’s new book FREE: subscribe this weekend!

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Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, Networking Times
Associate Dean, Networking University

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