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We need good quality sleep for 6 – 8 hours a night according to most scientists. This is when many of the body’s restorative functions happen, both mentally and physically. 
Are you having problems focusing during the day, losing weight, gaining muscle, low energy etc.? This could be due to your quality or quantity of sleep. If sleep is a problem for you get help. You’re prematurely aging yourself and cheating yourself out of better health. Don’t use medication if you can avoid it.  Try to improve sleep preparation and environment.  Go to a sleep clinic to find out why you aren’t sleeping well if you can’t work it out on your own.

Here are some simple things you can do to improve sleep.

  • Wind down before bed, Breathe deep and Relax.
  • Keep the lights dim.
  • Don’t watch TV before falling asleep. (I’m bad for this)
  • Read something light.
  • Keep the room dark, Blackout blinds or drapes work great.
  • Eliminate electronics from your bedroom and even on the other side of the wall where your head is when you sleep as much as possible, especially cell phones.  Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock.
  • Eliminate any blue or green light sources.  They disturb melatonin production which helps you sleep. 
Buy and alarm clock with red light.
  • Organic cottons are best to sleep on to eliminate allergens and toxins that can keep you awake. Sleeping in a cleaner bedroom can also help eliminate snoring.

For some great tips on cleaning up your bedroom and improving your sleep as well as many other easy tips to making your home healthier read The Healthy Home by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz. You’ll be grateful you did and so will your body.

In good health


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