Project Body Smart | Some Benefits to Eating Lower Glycemic Foods


Some Benefits to Eating Lower Glycemic Foods

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Eating Low Glycemic Foods and Meals


The benefits of eating low glycemic are numerous so here are just a few
Helps keep inflammation in the body down
Helps control blood sugar levels
Helps control free radical damage
Helps with even energy levels
Helps with clarity of thought
Helps maintain a healthy body weight.


Let’s look at what eating high glycemic does


Increases inflammation in the body which may lead to weight gain and premature aging.
Leads to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Both high and low levels
Leads to Insulin resistance which may lead to weight gain, metabolic syndrome and eventually Type II diabetes.
Increase free radicals in the body which may lead to degenerative disease and premature aging
Spiking and crashing of your energy levels
Feelings of agitation, irritability, confusion, exhaustion etc.
Increased body fat.
Eat balanced clean meals with lots of complex carbohydrates, some good fats and lean protien.  Eat a wide variety of vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans and if you eat meat eat organic grass fed animals.
Have a great week.

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