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Summer Group Training

It’s common knowledge that being accountable gives you a better chance of succeeding at your fitness goals. Particularly in the summer when there are a million distractions to take you off track. Staying on your health and fitness track will show results and you will reap the benefits of a healthier immune system and you won’t have to start all over come the fall season.

Start your own group of accountability partners with Family, Friends, Gym Buddies and Project Body Smart. Or you can join an existing group with Project Body Smart and Global Fitness Kelowna. Currently we have Monday Wednesday and Friday session at Noon and Thursday at 4pm.

We will be outdoors and in a private studio indoors if the weather gets to wet, hot, cold or whatever.

Cost is $20 per head per session with a minimum group of 3 for a 4 week commitment. Or $100 per session divided among the group whichever is less per participant.

Let’s have some Fun and Accountability this summer that leads to results and keeps us Healthy all year round.

Gordon Palmer; Registered Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Functional Aging Specialist.

Training and Fitness Coordinator at Global Fitness Kelowna and Founder of Project Body Smart.

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