Project Body Smart | Sunday healthy food prep for the week.


Sunday healthy food prep for the week.

Paul, Myself and Paul’s sister get together and make food for the week that we can just heat up, add to, use for making meals etc.  Paul and Desiree are the cooks. I just fetch, stir, chop, flip and do whatever I’m told.  Making it a family effort makes it convenient for the week and fun for us.  We all have very busy schedules during the week so we set aside Sunday afternoons to prepare the food Desiree and Paul shopped for on Saturday or throughout the week. In the summer we use a lot of local produce and a lot from my vegetable garden.

We made Chile, Home Made Tortillas, Chicken Enchiladas and Home Made Verde Sauce from Tomatillo.  Lots of chicken stock left over for cooking rice, making soups etc.


All clean healthy food.  Grass fed, grain finished meats. Mostly organic vegetables.



Beans, Home canned tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Home made Ancho Chile Paste, Corona Beer.






Ancho Chiles roasting to soften up the skins so the seeds can be removed.  They are then blended to make the paste.






Ground Beef and Onions browning for chile.






Ingredients being added to browned beef and onions.





 Home Made Tortilla Master Desire doing her thing.  They let me cook them in the cast iron pan.





 Tomatillas boiling, Add to blender with onion and peanuts, blend and warm on stove.





Chicken being cooked for Stock and Enchiladas.





Enchilada production. Ready to be baked.




Salad Prep





 Yeah!!!! Dinner

And lots of base foods for the week.  Easy to add rice, Chile Enchiladas, etc.


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