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Fellas- It’s time for a new SkinCare

Top tips for beauty from the inside out

September 16, 2013, 11:36 am Dr Libby Weaver Yahoo! New Zealand With the launch of Dr Libby’s new book ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’, she explains beauty in a way you may never have considered it before. Here she shares her top five beauty tips. 1….

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Digestive Health & Skin Care – Sense´

Join Dr. Susan Kleiner FREE Webinar- Digestive Health & Skin Care – Sense´ Dr. Kleiner is one of the leading sports nutritionists in the nation, working with elite and professional athletes as well as many other clients around the world.  Dr. Kleiner will be presenting…

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Chemicals and Personal Care Products.

I’m not sure if this is scare tactics or not as I’m not qualified to make that judgement but common sense tells me that using skin and body care products without doing any research into what goes in all those soaps, moisturisers, deodorants etc. is as irresponsible as not…

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